Promoting Everyday Pioneers

Maine Cabin Masters



Carpenter’s skill and artistic eye, Maine work ethic, frugal ingenuity and big dose a wry humor. That’s the dynamic and entertaining stew that has made the Maine Cabin Masters one of reality TV’s hottest properties.

The Cabin Masters restore cabins throughout their home state, providing both practical and whimsical upgrades to treasured family structures. Their skills are obvious, as is the joy it brings the homeowners with the end-of-show “reveals.”

 As “the boss” Chase Morrill says, they’d be doing it this way even if the cameras weren’t around. That authenticity is their not-so-secret ingredient to their success. You can’t fake real, and it’s a rare quality these days.

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Chase approached the Hero Media Arts team after the show’s first season, when it became clear the concept was finding an audience and their “fame” was on the rise. It was a busy first year on the account, as we provided web site design and maintenance (and again with a recent reboot), merchandise sourcing and online shop, and new promotional imagery. There are big plans and exciting days ahead for Hero Media Arts and the Maine Cabin Masters.