Tony Masciadri


If you were to envision the process of creating a gravestone, you'd probably conjure images of chiseling, polishing and maybe even sand blasting granite blocks. Yes, but what you might miss is the truly heroic stuff: sitting with those who have lost loved ones and listening closely enough to inform a design that truly captures the spirit of the deceased.

Masciadri & Sons has been in business in the same location for 101 years. Tony grew up helping to place the gravestones his father made. He’s since spent decades crafting the markers himself and now focuses his time on his customers, listening to people who want to commemorate the departed. The building itself is a monument to the hard work that Tony's father and grandfather had dedicated to the craft, and it's a big part of what keeps him going beyond the traditional retirement age.

Masciadri & Sons is located at 236 Water St, Hallowell, ME 04347. Call for more information: (207) 623-9159.



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