Tulio DeAlmeida left his native Brazil 15 years ago to come to the U.S. on a student work-experience program. He had several states from which to choose, but Maine was the winner because he wanted to see snow.

He began work at a prominent coffee (and donut) chain, and learned English primarily through the interactions with his co-workers and a good translator app on his phone. He also loved the hospitality industry and customer service, and decided he wanted to own his own business.

He established credit, saved his money, and eventually purchased his own Aroma Joe’s franchise, in Auburn, Maine. He’s about to open his second location. Tulio’s friendly demeanor and easy smiles make a visit to his store more than just a caffeine run. It’s a chat with a neighbor, and a shining example of the American Dream.

For more information about Tulio and Aroma Joe’s, visit the official Facebook Page.



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